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How An Abortion Pill Works

An unexpected pregnancy can be hard on any woman, especially for those who currently don’t have children and are not prepared for the demands of motherhood. Whenever a woman finds herself in this situation, then she has an extremely difficult decision to make. Should she have the child and place it up for adoption or raise the child themselves or whether or not to terminate the pregnancy altogether. Of course, some people have severe objections about abortion and terminating a fetus. Nevertheless, it is every woman’s right to choose and make the decision over how to handle her own body. For many who decide that abortion is the best choice, abortion pills are one of the most easy and accessible options.

Women normally have two options when carrying out an abortion: They can take a pill or choose to undergo some sort of medical procedure. The former is usually the more advisable of the two because it is far less invasive and involves nothing more than swallowing a few pills. Whether or not the pill is the best option for an abortion will be up to a medical doctor. In addition, you also have to be within the first nine weeks of your pregnancy in order for the pill to be effective. Those people who are in the further stages may have to get an abortion through a surgical procedure.

Some women are not comfortable with having an abortion through a surgical operation. Some women are just uncomfortable with the whole procedure which involved a suction and can be painful emotionally and physically. This is exactly why most women choose to resort to medication, which is more effortless for those in their early stages of pregnancy.

Abortion pills include a two stage process. The first step involves taking a pill to stop the pregnancy. The second step occurs when a second pill is taken 36 hours later, that causes a miscarriage. Routine check-ups will still need to take place to make sure the whole procedure occurs without any complications much like any medical procedure that is performed. Although many do not report any side effects, the pill has a 95% rate of success. Also, this treatment has no long term risks involved.

Remember, however, that there are specific laws concerning abortion that may differ from one state to another. Minors, for instance, may be required to get their legal guardian to sign off on a few legal papers before any treatment can be given. Prior to making an appointment, be sure to check into the laws for the state you live in.

Serious soul searching and careful consideration is needed when making the choice to have an abortion. It can be issue that should be discussed with a close circle of trusted family and friends. Ultimately the choice is yours to make as it is your body. What is right for you might not be right for someone else so how your decision affects others might need to be a consideration. Once the final decision has been made, you will have to make an appointment with a clinic in your area to go on to the next step. Making the initial appointment is usually difficult because most women do not want to be seen entering an abortion clinic. Keep in mind, these clinics are meant to cater to a woman and their needs so likely you can find caring staff to assist in the process.

Yaz: A Potentially Deadly Birth Control Pill

With the advent of modern medicine and pharmaceutical sciences, contraception became increasingly
available to women. Pharmaceutical companies presently make billions of dollars producing
contraceptives for women who want to take control of their reproductive health. While most
contraceptives do prevent unwanted pregnancies, a number of these are harmful – with some being
downright lethal with increased dosages – and are being sold to millions of women in the United States
alone. One of these harmful contraceptives is YAZ.
A Killer Drug Enters the Market
In 2001, pharmaceutical company Bayer received FDA approval for its contraceptive dubbed “Yasmin”,
which contained drospirenone and ethynylestradiol as active ingredients. Drospirenone is a synthetic
progestin – a hormone which, coupled with estrogen (the primary female sex hormone), has been found
to be the most effective method of hormonal contraception. Ethynylestradiol, on the other hand, is a
synthetic form of estrogen used in almost all modern formulations of oral contraceptive pills. YAZ, a
newer version of Yasmin, was introduced and approved by the FDA in 2006. Since then, Yasmin and YAZ
have become one of the most popular brands of contraceptives being sold.
As a birth control pill, Yasmin/YAZ was proven to have 99% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy,
treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), and treating moderate acne in women age 14 years
old and above.
However, the side effects of the drug proved to be more serious than its benefits, so much so that by
2009 there were already 125 lawsuits filed against YAZ manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The
number continued to grow as more women fell victim to YAZ and to its deceptive advertisements. The
FDA issued Bayer a warning letter for its commercials that promised purported benefits of the drug,
which were not proven during its clinical trials. The advertisements also downplayed the side effects of
YAZ in an effort to save the drug from being pulled from the market. The side effects, however, were far
too serious to be ignored and have resulted in YAZ falling under FDA’s scrutiny.
Clinically-proven Side Effects of YAZ
Two clinical trials were made to determine YAZ’s efficacy: the first is the contraception and moderate
acne clinical trial, and the second is the PMDD clinical trial. The clinical trials reported the following side
effects from continuous use of YAZ:
– Headache/migraine
– Menstrual irregularities
– Vomiting/Nausea
– Breast tenderness/pain
– Mood swings
– Menstrual irregularities
– Fatigue
– Irritability
– Decreased libido
– Weight gain
All of these and more were reported by women who used YAZ. Careful study of YAZ’s side effects
revealed that the drug can alter levels of potassium in the blood as well as damage the heart, leading to
life threatening effects that include:
– Heart attack
– Stroke
– Deep vein thrombosis
– Blood clots
– Liver damage
– Anaphylactic shock
– Cervical cancer
– Pulmonary embolism
– Gallbladder disease
Increasing Awareness
With hundreds of women falling victim to YAZ, it is imperative for women and men alike to ensure that
they are aware of the harmful effects of this contraceptive. Women especially, must educate themselves
about the drugs they take; they can take advantage of the reliable medical information over the internet
regarding drugs being sold commercially. Awareness and information are just some of the preventive
actions that can be taken to ensure that no killer drugs are for sale in shelves nationwide.
For more information contact Yaz attorney John Donahue at 1-888-736-4248 or go to Yaz Lawsuit.

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For Some Women, Egg Donation is the Only Answer

Most women who have trouble conceiving can achieve pregnancy with a bit of help. That is a fact. Many couples think if they are having problems conceiving the only options are very expensive and not likely to succeed. The reality is that for most simple surgical procedures or drug treatments can do the trick. Some men and women have blockages. For some women, there may be problems with producing viable eggs. Egg donation is one way to get around that problem. With the help of healthy donors, it is possible for women to conceive and carry a child of their own.

Some women do not have viable eggs. The ovaries are where the human woman produces eggs. For some women, their eggs may have problems coming to maturation at the right time. Injuries and accidents can damage the ovaries. For some, cancer or other disease may require the removal of the ovaries. The reality is that some women need help with egg production. A healthy fetus requires a healthy egg and sperm to even begin the growing cycle. For women who do not have a health egg, the egg donor can be an angel in disguise.

Egg donation is the only option for women who cannot produce their own eggs. When a woman has no eggs to use for conception, an egg donor is the only option. When a couple is facing this type of infertility, it can be devastating. Not having viable eggs can really wreck a woman’s confidence. And it can strain even a strong marriage. However, with a bit of guidance and help, using a donated egg can give the couple everything they desire. They can achieve a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a happy, healthy baby at the end. That is the ultimate goal of fertility treatments.

Only healthy young women need apply for egg donation. That is a fact. Almost all donors must be 30 or younger. They have to meet or exceed health expectations. That means passing physical, mental, and psychological testing. Due to the personal nature of donating eggs, women have to be certain before they go through the donation process. For most infertile couples, they choose a stranger for egg donations. However, in some cases, a close family member may act as an egg donor to the couple. In either case, the donor’s health is paramount.

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